All the latest technology packed in our new wing.

Modern EN-B gliders like our CHILI and TEQUILA leave little to be desired. But the EN-C sport class offers us just the right amount of freedom to develop gliders with special characteristics for experienced XC pilots looking for more than just incremental improvements.

The CAYENNE5 redefines the sport class: our XC sportster combines true comp wing feeling with the genes of the CAYENNE series. We intentionally made the CAYENNE5 more of a comp wing than its predecessor. Positioned at the upper end of its class, our year-long development efforts produced a new concept with a higher aspect ratio, more cells and a profile optimized to reduce drag. The result is a sport class glider that sets new standards for performance, precision and dynamics. In the process, we remained true to our motto: pure passion for flying.

2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee – an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.

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The CAYENNE5 is an XC glider per excellence: It’s extremely efficient in thermals and cruises nicely so the pilot can stay concentrated, even on long XC flights. Our XC sportster converts each and every incremental control input into immediate altitude gain and it has plenty of energy in reserve to let you adjust your turning radius and bank angle to every new situation. Whether you’re hunting pulsating thermals close to the slope, coring a turbulent thermal with wind drift or on top and circling wide, nothing can knock this homogenous wing off course.

Aspect ratio 6.4. 69 cells. Shark nose. 3-line technology. The technical specs of the CAYENNE5 don’t need any further explanation. Its purpose is clear when you see it. This purebred sport class glider wing is at home in any of the world’s top XC arenas! Glide performance is impressive and we are not shy about comparing it to other wings – even to current comp wings. In cruise flight, the CAYENNE5 flies like it’s on rails. Its whole performance range is available to you via the smooth speed system.

The CAYENNE4 is an outstanding XC wing. Thanks to the level of performance, Oliver Teubert and Christin Kirst were both able to win the German XC Championships with the CAYENNE4 in the very first season.

The high trim speed allows for high average speeds, and the additional speed potential is very high for a C-class wing. The polar is very flat over a wide area. This is important in order to get lift again after accelerated valley crossings.

For those who want to access the full potential of the CAYENNE4, and have the corresponding level of experience, we recommend an aerodynamic harness. Only then can the extraordinary gliding capacity of the CAYENNE4 be fully utilised.

The CAYENNE5’s handling in extreme flying conditions is what you expect from an EN-C glider. The high degree of stability of its shark nose makes collapses and front stalls rare. Its clever design concept and technology features like JET FLAPS provide plenty of safety margin for the experienced pilot. Under normal flying conditions, the CAYENNE5 responds best to short, incremental control impulses with just slight adjustments in turbulent air. The stall break comes late and the wing remains nicely controllable, making landing top or bottom a joy.

Size XS S M L
Cells 69 69 69 69
Area flat (m²) 22,68 24,10 26,07 27,85
Area projected (m²) 19,43 20,65 22,34 23,87
Wingspan flat (m) 12,06 12,43 12,93 13,36
Wingspan projected (m) 9,68 9,98 10,38 10,72
Aspect ratio flat 6,41 6,41 6,41 6,41
Aspect ratio projected 4,92 4,92 4,92 4,92
min. profile depth (cm) 45,3 46,7 48,6 50,2
max. profile depth (cm) 228,7 235,8 245,2 253,5
Glider weight (kg) 5,0 5,2 5,5 5,8
Certified weight range (kg) 75-95 85-105 95-115 105-130