Clark Tayler

Enthusiasm is Clark’s greatest trait.  He is always happy and willing no matter the adventure, but balances his enthusiasm with patience and dedication to safe flying.  Like a true Skywalk team pilot, he has a deep passion for flying and is always willing to extend a hand of friendship to surrounding pilots.  If Clark is around, you have an instant friend.

Clark’s dream has always been to fly. He was fiercely jealous of birds until learning to paraglide. Now he tries to live and share this dream of flight every day. It just doesn’t matter whether he is flying off Volcanos, soaring beneath the Alps, or getting a quick hike-n-fly in the Wasatch mountains before dinner, he just wants to be airborne.

Because of his love for the sport, his enthusiasm for encouraging fledgling pilots is contagious. He is often the last off the hill because he is just as excited about his fellow pilot’s flight as he is about his own.  Clark is also the inventor of the group.  He continues to invent various contraptions geared towards helping the group get that magic “shot.” If you need a camera angle, he is the person to talk to. We are excited to have him as a strong member of the Skywalk USA Team.

Gear of Choice

Wing: Skywalk Tequila 4 (Green/Black)
Harness: Gin Genie Lite
Reserve: Skywalk Pepper Lite


Clark Tayler soaring over the mountains of California

Clark Tayler soaring over the mountains of California

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