Jeff Ambrose


Not many people are as passionate about paragliding as Jeff.  He is always excited to just be flying.  If his feet are off the ground, he is smiling.  As a native of the rocky mountains of Utah, he generally focuses on long hike and fly adventures and XC mountain type flying.  That being said he is never above doing just a sled run and when talking with him some of these are often his fondest flights.  He has been a Skywalk team pilot for several years working directly with our Germany based company.  Through those years he has been lucky enough to fly all over the world, from the Volcanos of the Pacific, to the Alps, and most places in between.  Still his favorite place to fly is the Wasatch Mountains just out his back door…and he still tries to fly there every single day.

Jeff is a visionary and always trying to give back to the sport he loves so much.  He feels mentorship is a key element in creating not only safer pilots, but the ultimate long term success of the sport.  He continues to donate hundreds of hours each year mentoring newer pilots and providing free tools to those wanting to fly the mountains safely (Wasatch Free Flight Group).  Aside from his mentoring he is often know for his paragliding films that have inspired thousands throughout the world.  It seems these days people always want to be flying where Jeff is, so we are stoked he is now leading our Skywalk USA Team.

Gear of Choice

Wing: Skywalk Chili 3 (Blue/Black) and the Arriba 2 (white/black)
Harness: Gin Genie Lite and SupAir XP2
Reserve: Skywalk Pepper Lite

Team Pilot Jeff Ambrose flying the Wasatch Mountains.

Team Pilot Jeff Ambrose flying the Wasatch Mountains.

Learn more about Jeff

Jeff’s personal paragliding blog – “Anchored to the Sky
Jeff’s Paragliding Videos

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