Jonathan Jefferies

Jonathan has been flying paragliders since 2001. He discovered how amazing free flight was while working a summer job in Alaska with TEMSCO Helicopters. Heli-paragliding adventures became the favorite pastime, and he would often drag along any willing soul to fly tandem. Discovering paragliding while mid-way through his collegiate career proved damning to his grades and aspirations of Pharmacy School. Jonathan’s perennial problem of basing all life decisions on the fun factor involved naturally led him to the Point of the Mountain flight parks and surrounding mountains of Utah on a daily basis where he honed skills. Class schedules were rearranged to accommodate the morning and afternoon flying sessions. Over time, all achievable USHPA ratings flowed his way. Utah Paragliding was born in 2007 and has since certified hundreds of fledgling pilots who have gone on to become excellent pilots flying all around the world.

 Gear of Choice

Wing: Skywalk Joint 3, Skywalk Tequila 4, Skywalk Chili3, Skywalk Tonic
Harness: Skywalk Cult 3, Skywalk Flex
Reserve: Skywalk Pepper Lite

Owner Jonathan Jefferies carving the sky of northern Utah

Owner Jonathan Jefferies carving the sky of northern Utah

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Visit Utah Paragliding – Jonathan’s Paragliding School (The BEST in the USA)

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