Keenan Ryan

Keenan has mastered the dying art of being a people person, always willing to help and encourage fellow pilots. Odds are if you’re standing at launch with him you’ll be laughing. He is a constant student of the sport, always balancing his own progression with safety and fun. Because of his love for flying he’s always “up” for a field trip for that taste of air. Being surrounded by the mountains of Cache Valley has given him a great appreciation for flying. No matter if its a short sled ride or a great XC flight he’s always happy to be air born.

Keenan wanted a new adventure when he found paragliding. The peaceful sound of the air passing through his helmet at 10,000 feet was exactly what he was looking for. He has tried to be in the air as much as he can since then. Keenan is always scouting out new places in the high Bear River Range behind his house that would be the new “sweet spot” in the rough terrain. Not living as close to drivable sights as others, Keenan has learned the beauty of the “Hike ‘n Fly”.

In order to take advantage of some of the hidden gems throughout Utah’s beautiful Mountain ranges, Keenan understands that safety and respect with the sport are crucial in building and maintaining good relationships with land owners who allow access to fantastic launch sites off the well known grid.  Because of his great enthusiasm we are excited to welcome him to the Skywalk USA team.

Gear of Choice

Wing: Skywalk Chili 3 (Red/White)
Harness: Gin Verso
Reserve: Skywalk Pepper Lite


Flying high over the valley floor near Logan, Utah

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