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Flying, extra light.

We have developed the MASALA3 for all Hike&Fly pilots, mountaineers and ambitious para-alpinists, who always want to carry their ultralight equipment with them. The lightest paraglider in our lightweight line can be folded as small as a bath towel and fits in the smallest backpack. But the MASALA3 is more than just a quick way for alpinists to get down the mountain. Its balanced flight characteristics carry you playfully from thermal to thermal and it’s so simple to fly that even student pilots will find it easy to enter the third dimension.

Five sizes with optimally designed weight ranges ensure that every pilot finds his or her MASALA3. We have extended the weight ranges of sizes XXS and XS (LTF / EN A) to expand their application range enormously: in the center of the weight range, lighter pilots will find the usual simple and playful MASALA flight characteristics, while para-alpinists and pilots who like to fly in strong winds can launch with high wing loading from tiny peaks, or coastal soar when the wind is blowing harder.

Whether you plan to fly in relaxed or extreme conditions with your MASALA3 – for us skywalkers, the MASALA3 is simply the paraglider for all pilots who want to rediscover freedom every day.

2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee – an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.

Our Standard Colors:

These are the designs of our basic models.

Our lightweight paraglider is so easy to fly, that even student pilots instantly gain confidence in the invisible medium of air. But we designed the MASALA3 especially for pilots looking for the ultimate paraglider for Hike&Fly, mountaineering and alpine adventures. Compared to its predecessor, the MASALA3 scores points with even finer handling and a clear boost in performance. This is due to a slightly increased number of cells as well as innovative technologies such as the new Shark Nose and the double 3D-Shaping at the leading edge, which enables perfect pressure distribution in the wing.

The Regular-Risers are clear and easy to manage, which makes preflight preparations especially easy. For weight fetishists, we recommend the lightweight Dyneema-Risers. But no matter which risers you choose, the MASALA3 is easy to launch even in difficult conditions. It doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing. The MASALA3 climbs evenly and finds the right line almost by itself. Launching is playfully easy, so you can take off safely even in the most difficult terrain…
Once airborne, the MASALA3 feels solid in the air and is pleasantly damped. Its easy-going and playful handling will thrill you from the beginning. With high wing loading, the MASALA3 can be flown fast and dynamically. Touch and goes and wingovers are a pleasure. The enormous safety reserves of this lightweight A-glider help keep you safe, even in difficult terrain …

Through the use of Skytex 27 as main material for the top and bottom sail and the use of very light risers, we were able to achieve a weight saving of more than 2kg compared to gliders as the MESCAL4 or CHILI3.

Particularly noteworthy is the large weight range, for example from 55-95kg in XS. In all weight classes it is a pure EN A! To be on the move with a small and extremely light wing, legally and on a top level of safety is a very special charm, which becomes increasingly popular.

Rigid Foils in the leading edge provide for a light, form-stable profile contour, C-Wires dampen the trailing edge of the wing and allow the MASALA to convert every updraft. All reinforcements are made from indestructible plastic and are bend-resistant, thus making special packing methods unnecessary.

Despite its lightweight construction, the MASALA is a high performance wing in its class.

A remarkable glide performance and a well rounded feeling in thermals guarantee long and enjoyable flights.

Very good glide performance and high end speed go hand in hand with high stability and a safe feeling for the pilot.

As expected from an A-wing, the MASALA offers the biggest possible passive safety. The reactions of MASALA in extreme flight behavior are very moderate.

Pitch and pendulum activity after a collapse are very subdued, the wing opens quickly and dependable.

Thanks to integrated Jet Flap Technology, reaching to the stall is very long and is early shown through a massive increase in brake pressure. It is hard to destabilize the MASALA, making it an ideal relaxed companion for all conditions possible.

A forgiving starting behavior allows it to launch even in the most difficult terrain.

Of course, the MASALA was also certified without the use of folding lines!

The pilot suitability of this lightweight glider extends from beginners to experienced mountaineers.

Cells 38 38 38 38 38
Area flat (m²) 19,87 22,36 25,80 27,47 29,20
Area projected (m²) 16,78 18,88 21,79 23,21 24,66
Wingspan flat (m) 9,76 10,36 11,13 11,48 11,84
Wingspan projected (m) 7,63 8,10 8,70 8,97 9,25
Aspect ratio flat 4,80 4,80 4,80 4,80 4,80
Aspect ratio projected 3,47 3,47 3,47 3,47 3,47
min. profile depth 58 61 66 68 70
max. profile depth 253 269 288 298 307
Glider weight (kg)
with Dyneema-Riser. Weight with Regular-Riser approx. +150 g
2,7 3 3,3 3,5 3,6
Regular certified weight range (kg) 55-70 55-77 70-95 85-105 95-120
Extended certified weight range (kg) 70-85 77-90