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There is probably no better proving ground for a high performance wing than the Red Bull X-Alps. This was impressively proved by our team pilots Paul Guschlbauer, Stephan Gruber and Ivan Colas. A glider, flown by 3 different high class pilots, that withstands the world’s toughest adventure race over a 1000 kilometer route across the Alps has just the right qualities that performance-oriented XC pilots are looking for.
The POISON X-ALPS is the consequential further development of the X-ALPS2, which was produced in a small series with CCC homologation. Slight changes to trim have increased its performance and responsiveness. More robust top sail material, optimized lines and more clearly laid out risers make the POISON X-ALPS the ideal XC wing for top-pilots.

2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee – an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.

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The POISON X-ALPS glides as if on rails, smooths out even the smallest bumps, and uncompromisingly converts every little bit of lift into altitude. Its optimally selected aspect ratio of 6.9 guarantees comp wing feeling. Thanks to its 3-line technology, the newest member of the POISON family is amazingly easy to launch despite its high A/R and is easy to fly, even when conditions get rough. The new “Speed Control” system helps take care of that. This system modifies not only the C-, but also the B-line geometry of this 3-liner and its comfortable handles make it feel intuitive. The Speed Control prevents profile deformations and surges that degrade performance. Combined with the smooth speed system, the Speed Control enables efficient and fatigue-free flying on bar – whether scratching down low or sailing along under an endless cloud street.

Thanks to its high stability, the POISON X-ALPS is very resistant to collapses. Line pressure on its short brake line travel increases continuously and markedly, giving pilots flying in rough air optimal feedback. For experienced pilots who fly very actively, gliders reactions remain manageable. However, we recommend the POISON X-ALPS only for pilots who already have experience with gliders of this class under turbulent conditions and who are experienced in recovering from extreme flight maneuvers.

Size XS S M
Cells 80 80 80
Area flat (m²) 21,50 23,00 24,40
Area projected (m²) 18,54 19,83 21,04
Wingspan flat (m) 12,27 12,69 13,07
Wingspan projected (m) 10,00 10,35 10,66
Aspect ratio flat 6,99 6,99 6,99
Aspect ratio projected 5,40 5,40 5,40
Glider weight (kg) 4,0 4,2 4,4
Certified weight range (kg) 65 – 90 85 – 105 95 – 115
min. Profile depth 47,2 48,8 50,3
max. Profile depth 217 224 231