Meet the Team

The heart and soul of Skywalk Paragliders is living with a “pure passion for flying.”  To us it is not always about how far you can fly, or how many tumbles or spins.  Its about the view from on top of the mountain after a long walk, the sun warming your face from the cold wind. The smile that reaches from ear to ear while feet dangle thousands of feet above the earth.  Its about kissing the clouds, circling with eagles, and smelling the clean air.  Yes, this is the pure passion for flying we pursue, this is the passion we wish to share.

As team pilots we do not claim to be the best pilots in the sport, nor do we carry an attitude that would ever put ourselves above that of any other pilot.  We do however strive to have more fun in the skies than anyone else.  So if you want to get out and fly with some of our team pilots just ask, as each is always willing to share their thoughts, knowledge, experience, and passion for flying.

Team Pilots

jeff_portraitJEFF AMBROSE

Quick Bio: Not many people are as passionate about paragliding as Jeff.  He is always excited to just be flying, whether an XC across the mountains or a 5 minute sled run.  If his feet are off the ground, he is smiling.  He excels as a mentor to other pilots and always willing to share his knowledge of mountain flying in a fun way with those around him.  READ MORE



Quick Bio: Enthusiasm is Clark’s greatest trait.  He is always happy and willing no matter the adventure, but balances his enthusiasm with patience and dedication to safe flying.  Like a true Skywalk team pilot, he has a deep passion for flying and is always willing to extend a hand of friendship to surrounding pilots.  If Clark is around, you have an instant friend.   READ MORE



Quick Bio: Keenan has mastered the dying art of being a people person, always willing to help and encourage fellow pilots. Odds are if you’re standing at launch with him you’ll be laughing. He is a constant student of the sport, always balancing his own progression with safety and fun. Being surrounded by the mountains of Cache Valley has given him a great appreciation for flying. No matter if its a short sled ride or a great XC flight he’s always happy to be air born.   READ MORE



Team Instructors/Tandem Pilots


Quick Bio: Jonathan is the owner of Utah Paragliding and the CEO of Skywalk USA.  He is known for is giddy excitement and passion for paragliding and is always excited to welcome any new pilots into the “nest.”  He is know for his kind and friendly instruction and has a strong reputation for safe flying.  If you ever want to learn to fly, or want a safe and fun tandem flight, he is your guy.  READ MORE


hal_portraitHAL FRANKLIN

Quick Bio: Hal is a true adventure pilot.  He has been flying for many years and has flown and pioneered many sites throughout the remote mountains of the west.  Not only is he a great pilot, he is also a great story teller and can keep you entertained with tales from the sky.  If you are lucky enough to have Hal be your tandem pilot, you can be sure of a memorable flying experience.  His enthusiasm and spirit of adventure is contagious.